Wants + Needs

What do your customers truly want and need?

What needs are NOT being met today and why not?

We have conducted Voice of the Customer (VOC) and outcome driven research to help companies understand the underlying wants, needs and expectations for existing or new products and services. We can also help uncover unmet needs, which can be developed into possible opportunities and eventually true competitive advantages for your company.  Find out how to WOW your target markets.


  • 32262242_m-midUnderstand the wants, needs and expectations of potential customers to be in sync with your target market(s).
  • Understand the language that best resonates with your target market customers.
  • Assess how well their needs are truly being met today.
  • Flesh out potential opportunities that exist to create competitive advantages.

Possible Methods

Dependent on market information readily available to you and where you are in the development process, this is typically an area that needs both Qualitative and Quantitative methods of research to understand and measure Wants, Needs & Expectations.

Qualitative Methods via Focus Groups, Triads, One-on-Ones or Observational Research – In-depth discussions allow you to uncover and develop an exhaustive list of customer wants, needs and expectations for a particular product or service – including those that are unstated / unspoken. Customer needs are diverse and often expressed in terms of “how” the need can be satisfied versus “what” the need truly is. MarketVibes is skilled in the art of determining “why”, discovering root needs and guiding companies to develop or enhance characteristics, for products / services.

Quantitative Methods via Online or Paper Survey – Once the root needs are narrowed down to a manageable list, customers are asked to rate the importance of each need and the performance of their current products / solutions against these same needs.  Key outcomes include identifying exciters or unmet opportunities within the marketplace to drive new product or service development ideas.

MarketVibes Contributions + Successes

New Product Development can be an extremely expensive undertaking.  Understanding Wants, Needs & Expectations is the cornerstone or foundation of most NPD efforts.  MarketVibes has been involved in various VOC and outcome driven research, allowing companies to focus their efforts in key areas – ultimately leading to the successful introduction of new products / services or an increase in sales for existing products / services.  MarketVibes has conducted this type of research within a variety of industries including automotive, automotive electronics, consumer electronics, office furniture, nutrition / healthy living, software / IT, education, among others.