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Our core is market research. But our passion is to fit market research into sound marketing, planning and strategy. Your issues are our challenges. We customize market information gathering to pique your understanding of your customers and markets.

We have sources to collaborate with to offer to you and we welcome working with your selected advertising, marketing services or R&D partners. Collaboration is the key to your success … and we’re willing to serve the role you need us to fill.

We listen to your needs and challenges, brainstorm the possibilities and recommend marketing research approaches to best uncover the much needed insights.

We offer a variety of research services including concept / product development, brand development / positioning, service development / satisfaction, and even employee / organizational development research. Below are a few areas of our research expertise … Feel free to click on each question below to see how MarketVibes can help you find the answers.

What OPPORTUNITIES potentially exist in the market?
Sometimes it’s easier to expand into new markets with your current product or service portfolio than to develop new products. MarketVibes guides you to assess a new market or category for your company’s consideration.

[Learn More]

What drives the PURCHASE of your products / services?
MarketVibes helps companies understand the buying process and essential selection factors that drive customers to purchase their products / services. Research insights can enhance your distribution channels and customer experiences. [Learn More]

What do your customers truly WANT, NEED and ultimately, EXPECT?
MarketVibes conducts Voice of the Customer (VOC) and Outcome Driven research to help companies understand the underlying wants, needs and expectations for existing or new products and services. Research enables you with a plethora of ideas for opportunities and improvements in your market. [Learn More]

Which NEW IDEAS, CONCEPTS or product enhancements should you invest in?
MarketVibes has extensive experience assessing new ideas, developing and refining concepts and pre-testing new products before taking them to market. Arm yourself with invaluable information to best succeed with a new product, given all that investment!  [Learn More]

What name or brand POSITION best resonates with your intended target market?
MarketVibes guides you to assess new product brands, logos or value propositions to ensure the chosen name / logo / tag lines support your product development and intended strategy and positioning. [Learn More]

How do consumers CONNECT to your BRAND?
MarketVibes educates companies on what the market truly believes about their brands. Research can uncover what you may not know and / or validate the image of your brand in the marketplace. [Learn More]

How can you better understand the market SEGMENTS within your targeted market space?
Understanding the attitudes, beliefs and lifestyles of your target markets, research can help you and your marketing communications experts best position your products / services. MarketVibes guides companies to segment their markets, not all markets are created the same! [Learn More]

How do you find custom market research solutions to fit your specific needs?
MarketVibes provides a wide variety of other services from online panels / communities, website usability, observational research … to being a Research Coach to our client organizations. [Learn More]