Naming + Positioning

Do you need to develop / position a new brand?

Do you need to develop a new name / logo for a product?

What name or brand position best resonates with your intended target market?

We help you assess new product brands and logos to ensure the chosen name / logo supports your product development and intended strategy and positioning. Before you invest in a full-blown marketing campaign, see how we can help you and your advertising partners fully assess potential new brand name / logo alternatives to best fit your positioning story.


  • Naming a new product / service or renaming an enhanced product / service.
  • Understand the emotional benefits realized via your product or service.
  • Identify relative positioning areas that are not currently owned within the marketplace as potential competitive differentiation.
  • Determine cohesive fit between products / services and your company!

Possible Methods

Dependent on market information readily available to you and where you are in the development process, this is typically an area that may largely be Qualitative-based to gauge reactions to potential name / logo alternatives.  And yet, quantitative research may be needed to prioritize which name / logo best fits the positioning story.

Qualitative Methods via Focus Groups, Triads, One-on-Ones or Web Interviews – Positioning can be a tricky process and often begins with developing a list of name / logo alternatives or positioning statements.  It is important to differentiate your product or service in the marketplace, and even more important to understand how your target markets will perceive these names & positions.  It is our job to decipher underlying emotional connections, help you refine the names / logos, and assure a strong fit with your brand.

Quantitative Methods via Online Surveys – Sometimes quantitative measurement helps identify name / logo alternatives that rise to the top among a larger, more projectable audience.  Surveys can also be used to determine which market segments may be more accepting of various names or positions.

MarketVibes Contributions + Successes

MarketVibes has helped to uncover positive and negative associations with various new product / service names and positions. Our industry experiences here have included automotive, automotive electronics, consumer electronics and office furniture, among others.  Keep in mind, some names may not be legally feasible. Thus, it’s important to identify more than one possibility and ensure the name / logo fits your product or brand story.