Research Coach

Our goal is to ensure our clients get closer to their customers and markets!  To do that, we must understand who you are, how you operate, what you offer, and who your target markets are, really.

We can then offer ideas and approaches to gain insights from your markets.  We are a “sounding board” or advisor to brainstorm on your challenges.  Then, we assess what you already know about the issues at hand … and mutually determine what market information will best equip your company’s decision-making.

Our clients range from those who have and do not have market research experts in their organizations. We enjoy networking with other true-blue market researchers, brainstorming our mutual experiences for further insight innovations for our client’s benefit. And, we always welcome the opportunity to mentor those new to market research – to serve as your Research Coach.  We will help you understand the various research designs to BEST fit your needs.

Some of our clients have benefited from our coaching guidance in training on marketing and marketing research. This has included guiding companies in establishing and / or streamlining their New Product Development (NPD) process to bring award-winning products to their markets.

As your Research Coach …

Oftentimes, we find ourselves acting as a market research extension for our clients and their organizations. In some cases, these companies do not have a dedicated market research department, yet still have market research needs. The value-added services MarketVibes provides as a “research coach” vary widely and include …

  • Assessing or streamlining the NPD process and defining what & how market research insights should be incorporated into stage-gate decisions
  • Providing training (i.e. Market Research 101, Team Development, Interviewing Techniques, etc.)
  • Participating in strategic planning sessions, identifying information gaps / needs and recommending HOW to fill those gaps
  • Coaching on annual budget planning / determining market research efforts to pursue given informational gaps or strategic priorities
  • Participating in partner / supplier summits for cohesive engagement for client’s success
  • Facilitating brainstorming with internal clients (product development, engineering, marketing, etc.) to educate and guide the true value of market research