Buyer Process

How do customers buy your products / services?

What drives the purchase of your products / services?

We help companies understand the buying process and essential selection factors that drive customers to purchase their products / services.  And we can determine how competitive you are on important key selection drivers and how to best leverage your strengths, counter or improve your weaknesses and pinpoint market opportunities.  By understanding key factors of purchase, you can determine what keeps customers coming back or drives them away!


  • Understand the buying process for your products or services.
  • Understand selection factors that drive the purchase of your products / services.
  • Pinpoint where and how your products / services are investigated and purchased.
  • Assess how your product or service fares vs. other choices within your category on the important selection factors to determine opportunities and leverageable strengths.

Possible Methods

Dependent on market information readily available to you and where you are in the development process, we have utilized both Qualitative and Quantitative methods of research in understanding and measuring Buyer Behaviors.

Qualitative Methods via Focus Groups, Triads or One-on-Ones – In-depth discussions with recent buyers of products or services that allow us to dissect the decision-making and buying process – from initial thought, information gathering, selecting choices to closing the deal.  This research helps companies to understand a potential macro buying process and its intricacies or hurdles, customer language and perception of the process and selection factors, and a full view of the buying landscape.  This research can also help construct appropriate and sound design for quantitative research, if measurement is warranted.

Quantitative Methods via Online, Phone or Paper Survey – Quantify buying behavior in the buying process, prioritize selection factors to provide other key information to aid in strategy development for sales efforts and marketing positioning.

MarketVibes Contributions + Successes

MarketVibes has helped companies understand buyer behaviors – minimizing / alleviating hurdles throughout the buying process for various types of products including nutrition / healthy living, office furniture, residential furniture, retail, automotive, consumer electronics, powersports, among others.