Client Vibes

MarketVibes has been instrumental in creating market information to guide marketing, branding, and product / service development decisions. We have been blessed to work with a diverse group of companies – and each company partnership has provided innovative and collaborative thinking along the way.

Regardless of how big or small your information need may be, MarketVibes wants to exceed your expectations and ensure you reach your strategic business objectives.  Here are just some of the ways we have become trusted advisor for companies like yours.  Find out what we can do for you!

What Our Clients Say About Us

Building Products

“I’ve worked with many consultants in my career, and I have to say that marketvibes is one of the best I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. marketvibes does not only want to perform the job they are hired for, they also want to understand more about our company, our industry, our customers, etc. I feel confident that I am going to receive the best possible results from marketvibes … and I always have. The marketvibes team is also very personable and accommodating, which means a lot when you are managing multiple consultants at once, while working in a very fast-paced environment. I highly recommend marketvibes.”

Animal Health

“marketvibes has worked with me as a true partner. They’re knowledgeable about market research with great experience, but their ability to work with you to develop win-win situations is definitely a differentiator. I viewed marketvibes as more of an extension of our internal group, rather than an outside agency. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend marketvibes to any company from a start-up all the way up to Fortune 500 companies.”
“The entire marketvibes team did an excellent job in completing a baseline product satisfaction study with little lead time. The project was nimbly moved along from A to Z hitting all timelines and providing the professional insight needed for taking action. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend marketvibes and look forward to working with the marketvibes team again.”

Nutrition & Dietary Supplements

“marketvibes has always been a good steward of my budget money, and will make professional recommendations to get the best results for decision making. The natural curiosity of the marketvibes team makes for a great relationship, as they are more than willing to roll up their sleeves and do what it takes.”

Office Furniture

“marketvibes learned our business and the strategic challenges we were facing, and designed and executed several outstanding research projects that helped us understand our customers better and drive both strategic and tactical business decisions. We would strongly recommend marketvibes to anyone needing marketing research services.”
“marketvibes is a preferred primary supplier of market research services for a variety of reasons. They combine true flexibility and great customer service of a small firm with the ability to provide a wide array of services and research techniques of a large firm. They have made the commitment to really learn our business and needs. When we ask marketvibes for something, they don’t have to go through waves of bureaucracy, which saves us time. I enthusiastically recommend marketvibes.”
“marketvibes provides high-quality research at reasonable prices. They meet deadlines, provide valuable input, communicate regularly and respond in a fair and timely manner to any issues. marketvibes is a pleasure to deal with and I have always found them to be available to answer questions. marketvibes has “gone the extra mile” for me on many occasions. In short, it is my pleasure to recommend marketvibes.”
“marketvibes has always delivered excellent results. Their broad knowledge and utilization of market research tools are second to none. Lisa is a fantastic facilitator and moderator. She makes the experience from creating the moderator guide to conducting the sessions seamless. marketvibes is my first choice in market research.”


“marketvibes strengths include market research, market strategy, branding, product positioning and differentiation; and the ability to lead, organize and present compelling and significant marketing clinics and focus groups. From the very beginning of our relationship, I have consistently had complete faith that marketvibes would always get the job done – at or beyond my expectations.”
“marketvibes is an exceptional marketing consultancy that provides great insight into your potential issues and then applies broad expertise and current research methodologies to implement cost-effective market research approaches. marketvibes collaborates with clients to ensure that the research outcomes will answer the questions that can make a difference for their immediate and long-term business success.”
“marketvibes has consistently demonstrated the desire and capabilities to understand and deliver on every assignment I have entrusted to them. If you are looking for a market research team who will take your project personally and do everything they can to deliver outstanding results, you can trust marketvibes will get the job done!”


“marketvibes has forward-thinking research experts, who get the job done on time and on budget with minimal intervention on our end. marketvibes is genuinely concerned about their clients, as they go beyond our expectations by keeping us up-to-date on the latest methodologies, findings, or articles that are of potential use to our business beyond the specific scope of our project.”

Financial Services Not-for-Profit

“We have hired marketvibes to work on multiple projects with us and we have always been pleased with the results. They are very personable; creative to work with; and have always given us great insight into the subjects we have marketvibes research for us. Working with marketvibes has saved us money in the long run as we were better able to tailor our message to our target audience based on their research results. I highly recommend marketvibes and would work with them again at the drop of a hat.”