Quantitative Research

Quantitative research is customized to your marketing and strategy decision needs. MarketVibes has worked with various industries in new market pursuits, new product development, product refinement, brand positioning, awareness & image, product usage and improvement, among others.  In every case, MarketVibes assesses your situation and market informational challenges to design research that goes beyond surface level thinking.

MarketVibes conducts quantitative research largely via online methods and in some cases via product clinics or phone studies. Whether large and smaller sampling, MarketVibes offers research to guide companies on marketing and innovative development. In this day and age, technology is widespread. How we connect with your markets of interest is largely through a device – smartphone, iPad, and laptops. And who knows what is next?

MarketVibes custom designs online research studies for each clients needs. Designs can include quick short pulse studies to in-depth or complex research needs. No research inquiry is too small or extensive. We will coach our clients on the best approach to obtain the market information.