Research Methods

Our experiences envelop knowledge across industries. Our journey has included traditional marketing research techniques and online research applications in this ever changing online world. Technology has blurred the lines of traditional qualitative vs. quantitative research. Given our broad experiences, we will custom design research to fit YOUR NEEDS and overcome the challenges with one, multiple or hybrid methods.

qualitative research – online & beyond

We offer extensive experience in qualitative research. Qualitative uncovers and refines ideas, new concepts, products or markets for your company’s success. We exhibit experience and passion for uncovering what lies beyond surface level thinking. We grew up conducting traditional focus groups and in-depth, one-on-one interviews like most in our industry. And yet, our toolkit offers various online qualitative techniques including one-on-one or group activities such as journals/diaries, bulletin boards, communities, etc. Technology allows for many avenues to connect and engage with your markets and customers.

quantitative research – online panels & beyond

We offer our clients a diverse and valuable background in quantitative research.  Our training and foundation was built on sound designs of traditional methods. Today, we focus largely towards online quantitative studies. This includes simple to complex designs such as Conjoint Analysis and various multivariate analyses. We conduct online studies Internationally in Europe and South America with experiences in other regions.

online panels or communities – U.S. & beyond

We take great pride in developing, hosting and managing various ONLINE PANELS for the U.S. and International Continents for our clients and industries. These niche panels or communities allow our clients or industries to connect and engage with their target markets at a moment’s notice or quicker than traditional market research.

Typically, no ONE approach meets all of your needs and challenges.  Given our breadth of experience and knowledge, we will collaborate and guide the development of research methods to meet your market information needs. Let us lead the way!