Brand Connections

How do consumers feel about your brand?

In what ways does your brand connect with them?

In what ways are you hitting the mark with your communications?

We have educated companies on what the market truly believes about their brands. Research can uncover what you may not know and / or validate the image of your brand in the marketplace.  By knowing your true competitive position you can alter your marketing strategies to better support your market vision and image.


  • Understand the equity of your company or product brands (via purchase funnel).
  • Assess your brand perceptions in a 360° approach – internal, external, distribution partners.
  • Enhance the positioning of your company or product brands.
  • Ensure creative marketing communications to support your positioning strategy.

Possible Methods

Depending on market information readily available to you and where you are in the marketing positioning process, this is typically an area that may largely be qualitative-based to gauge perceptions and brand positioning.  And yet, quantitative research may be needed to pinpoint awareness, usage and image perceptions towards your brand(s).

Qualitative Methods via Focus Groups, Triads, One-on-Ones or Web Interviews – Most often brand connections research is exploratory in nature, and discussion groups help to uncover both the rational and emotional connections / ties consumers have to your brands, products or services.  Getting customers to talk about their emotions can be tricky business. Thus, it requires a skilled moderator to build trust and truly get beneath the surface-level thoughts.

Quantitative Methods via Online or Phone Surveys – Quantitative measurement helps assess awareness levels, usage levels, and true measures of image perceptions or product perceptions of a brand.  And oftentimes, these measurements can be compared to a competitive set of brands in your market to identify your image strengths and improvement areas.

MarketVibes Contributions + Successes

MarketVibes can help you uncover the emotional connections consumers share with your brand, allowing your marketing messages to truly speak to the heart and soul of your customers or prospects.  MarketVibes has been instrumental in guiding brand strategy with a variety of industries including automotive, automotive electronics, consumer electronics, education, office furniture, healthcare, consumer durable goods, retail, nutrition / healthy living, among others.