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Accessing the “right” people in your target market can be difficult at times.  MarketVibes has been instrumental in supporting companies to build & grow niche panels of trusted advisors to tap into for research engagement.

  • MarketVibes has successfully built custom panels for hard-to-reach targets – allowing for ready-made access to your market representation.
  • A custom panel can be used to quickly access participants for new product development / testing, image / awareness, trends, among other topics. Any market inquiry, big or small!
  • Together, we can gather the information you need, now!

How Our i-Vibes Panel Works

Valued i-Vibes℠ Panel or Advisory Group members have opportunities to provide inputs on potential new products or services, share thoughts on current industry challenges, and provide inputs on trends affecting their industry. This is a unique opportunity to share opinions, and be the FIRST to see new concepts or products along the way.

i-Vibes℠ panelists typically participate in research via online surveys or Web interviews, community activities, phone interviews, in-person interviews or focus groups dependent on research design needs.

As a thank you for participation, i-Vibes℠ panelists often receive individual incentives and / or monetary gift drawings (varies by research opportunity).

Individual inputs are kept CONFIDENTIAL; names or other personal information are NOT released to our clients or other third parties.  No sales calls are made as a result of any research participation. Your target market opinions are what makes the difference.

Our i-Vibes℠ Office Furniture Panel

Though MOST of our i-Vibes℠ panels are proprietary, we are excited to offer the use of an office furniture panel to manufacturers, suppliers and design firms.  Our i-Vibes℠ Office Furniture Panel contains more than 2,000 FM’s / DM’s and AD’s. These trusted advisors, combined with MarketVibes’ extensive new product development research experience and knowledge of furniture products, have helped office furniture companies design many new, award-winning products.  Feel free to contact us and find out how we can help achieve your research goals with a cost-efficient panel customized to your market.

  • Are you a facilities manager or a decision maker of office furniture decisions?
  • Or, an interior architect or designer?
  • Would you like to join our elite group of valued i-Vibes℠ Office Furniture Advisors?

Please click here to inquire about joining i-Vibes℠ Office Furniture Panel.